It’s time to be less afraid, because all those broken hearts only amount to as much as you allow them to. If you don’t Let Go of them now, let them fall to the ground and actually shatter the way they were supposed to before you so greedily scooped them back up and held them to your chest, you might miss out on love. So drop it now — your mistrustfulness, your obsessive, unhealthy relationship with your wounds — yes, it really is time to Let Go.

source: thought catalog // it's time to let go



you're not here
right now,
you're asleep
and I'm awake
and I miss you.
And I wish,
you weren't so far
but you are.

I think about you
too much.
And it's only
I've thought
about you
all along.

I need you,
to know
that I think
you're incredible.
 And I never
to hurt you.

I just wish, you
were with me
so I can
hear your voice,
and touch
your lips.

I'm sorry if
I'm weird
and maybe a little
But I'm jealous
of everyone who sees
all day.

It's late
I can't wait
until you say


I wanted to write something
that wasn't about you.
To remind myself,
that I don't think about you
or want you,
nearly as much as I think I do.
But I sat here for so long,
and all I realized,
was that I really do
want you,
as much as I think I do.


and it's this unexplained feeling,
the way you can open your skin,
and let the anger run from your veins,
fall to the floor in drops of sadness
that no one else understands.
It's numbing, and it's quiet,
but if the blood had a voice,
it would scream.