envy me

i currently have an addiction to skull. yes, skull. who doesn't love skull anyway? you might hate school but NOT skull. most of the things i got for my birthday presents are skull stuff. here i let you see some of my collection. envy me.

IKEA's skull painting/frame/whatever, yay!!

EST's earrings 

if i told you i bought this for only 50k / $4.99 would you belive me?

EST's skull ring 

bought this from an online shop on Instagram 

me wearing my skull blouse. i catwanged my face because... just because

i really REALLY want to have a bedroom so i can decorate it with my own gothic-ish style. but i am currently living in an apartment so i'll just have to be patient. my last room's walls were black. aren't i cool? heheh :p xx