i know it's kinda late but better late than never, so HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. hope you all have a great year

whoa? seriously it's 2013 already? time really flies. do you have any resolutions for this year?

i, of course, do. i mean, everyone probably has their own resolutions. about mine, these are my resolutions:

  • better than last year
  • be healthy (i'm the kind of person that easily get sick)
  • be grateful
  • get good scores and pass UN & other final examinations
  • get to go to fav senior high school
  • start collecting black stuff & skull stuff (theyre sooooo adorable ergh)
  • do as many DIYs (i'll post it here)
  • no heartbreaks of course :D
  • save moneeeey!! (this is a must)
  • listen to new musics
  • watch all the good movies in cinema
  • and many more
speaking about my holiday, it stinks. TOTALLY. i mean, i didn't even go anywhere else but PVJ. and i didn't even do anything productive. well, i studied a little for my tests. even though my holiday stinks, still i don't want it to come to an end. this is the last holiday i get before UN. OMG UN IS COMING. okay, calm down. phew. what i mostly did during my holiday was just reading, watching movies, tweeting, etc. i don't REALLY want to go to school, okay. during school days i must be stressed and frustrated because of the amount of homework that teachers give, is too damn high. i can't stand it. i often do my homework at school (hello, who doesn't?!) 

dear God can i just turn back time to the first day of holiday? no? well okay then i just gotta face this damn school thingy. dear holiday, i love you so much. i will always inpatiently wait to see you. mwah xoxo. 

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