went to Happy-go-Lucky last saturday after doing TOEFL and TOEIC tests, accompanied my fella bought this cute pair of shoes (the 1st photo is hers)

adorable, isn't it?

favorite part!


Murakami said

The ones who did it can always rationalize their actions
and even forget what they did.
They can turn away from things they don't want to see.
But the surviving victims can never forget.
They can't turn away

That's the world is, after all:
an endless battle of contrasting memories.



i know it's kinda late but better late than never, so HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. hope you all have a great year

whoa? seriously it's 2013 already? time really flies. do you have any resolutions for this year?

i, of course, do. i mean, everyone probably has their own resolutions. about mine, these are my resolutions:

  • better than last year
  • be healthy (i'm the kind of person that easily get sick)
  • be grateful
  • get good scores and pass UN & other final examinations
  • get to go to fav senior high school
  • start collecting black stuff & skull stuff (theyre sooooo adorable ergh)
  • do as many DIYs (i'll post it here)
  • no heartbreaks of course :D
  • save moneeeey!! (this is a must)
  • listen to new musics
  • watch all the good movies in cinema
  • and many more
speaking about my holiday, it stinks. TOTALLY. i mean, i didn't even go anywhere else but PVJ. and i didn't even do anything productive. well, i studied a little for my tests. even though my holiday stinks, still i don't want it to come to an end. this is the last holiday i get before UN. OMG UN IS COMING. okay, calm down. phew. what i mostly did during my holiday was just reading, watching movies, tweeting, etc. i don't REALLY want to go to school, okay. during school days i must be stressed and frustrated because of the amount of homework that teachers give, is too damn high. i can't stand it. i often do my homework at school (hello, who doesn't?!) 

dear God can i just turn back time to the first day of holiday? no? well okay then i just gotta face this damn school thingy. dear holiday, i love you so much. i will always inpatiently wait to see you. mwah xoxo.